Cecelia Phillips
I kind of believe in fate.
Several months ago I met a woman who was straightening my hair. It happened to be her birthday, and she happened to tell me that she was going hunting for geodes to celebrate.
No shit, I said. I'll make you a geode painting as a present.
As I began to explore the subject matter of a geode, I realized that they embody a lot of who I am and what I believe in artistically-a little bit of kitsch, a smidge of bling, a little crusty on the outside and gleaming from within. They are worlds within themselves, private galaxies of color and space, and I love to paint them.
Moreover, they are secret, hidden from the rest of the world, just waiting for a inquisitive and creative person to crack them open. I share these with you in the hopes that you are such a kindred spirit passing by on chance.